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Deputy Secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, governor Zhu Xiaodan visit the XH Smart South Africa to guide the work of the company

Release time:2016-8-27 2:18:44

On the afternoon of August 27, Deputy Secretary of CPC Guangdong Committee & Governor Zhu Xiaodan, accompanied by Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Government Li Feng, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong province Bo Lang, Director of Economic and information commission of Guangdong province La Tiansheng, Director of the Commerce Department of Guangdong Province Zheng Jianrong, Deputy-Director of General Office of Guangdong provincial government Tang Xiaobing, Minister Counselor of the South African embassy Li Song, arrived  XH Smart Technology Co., Ltd (Africa) to inspect the development situation of enterprises to “Going Out”. And in the afternoon, the governor Zhuxiaodan and the chairman of the company Zhuhai XH Smartcard Co.,Ltd  jointly attended the opening ceremony of XH-Smart Technology (Africa) Ltd. Provincial leaders, Zhuhai economic and trade delegation and local partner companies in Africa together witnessed this historic moment.

The group of Zhu Xiaodan in the inspection learned more details about Company's development process, situations of company Corporate globalization and "Going Out" development, prospect XH-African companies. The chairman of the XH smart He shujun introduced to governor Zhu Xiaodan about the company’s venture history, Bank card production process and development prospect of the financial industry,etc. Governor Zhu Xiaodan fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of “XH smart” on implementing national strategy “One belt and One road”, He praised the entrepreneurial spirit and global vision of the management team, and the stock option incentive management style,  also praised the positive effects of “XH Utopia foundation” for the social sevice. And, at the same time, governor Zhu Xiaodan wants the company to keep up the good work, make bold changes and innovations, hit a new high performance in near future.

As a representative of the enterprise of “Going Out” of  Guangdong Province, XH Company is committed to providing secure payment products and related service system for the global telecom and financial industry. XH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (Africa) is a Joint Venture, established by XH Company with the local company in South Africa In December 2015. XH (Africa) Company will be committed to providing the most advanced payment products and system services for Africa's financial, communication industry and local government projects. We are encouraged by the visit of Zhu Xiaodan’s group to XH (Africa) Company, and we are confident in our future.

XH will grasp development opportunity of “One Belt and One Road” actively, build up the global brand image, exert ourselves in the struggle for our national development.