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Successful - Mobile World Congress 2019!

Release time:2019-3-20 18:16:53

With MWC 2019 firmly behind us it is safe to say that the show was a great success for XH Smart.   We enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and it was really exciting for us to see our technologies and solutions sparking such tremendous interest.


One of the hot topics of interest was definitely the launch of our QR payment solution.  This solution offers consumers and merchants a far more efficient and secure transaction experience. XH Smart offers the whole value chain from the Mobile Application, the Merchant Back End Server, the POS terminals and the Merchant POS Application.  


Our customers in Latin America and Europe can look forward to even better lead times as we are proud to announce that we are setting up additional personalization site and SIM manufacturing site in the regions.  These sites will extend our reach and release capacity in our existing manufacturing sites in China, South Africa, India and Bangladesh.  For companies who prefer to do their own personalization, XH Smart has a very robust, secure and user friendly Instant Issuance System.  This tool allows banks to offer EMV personalized cards to customers within minutes.   


Another existing technology which we were both proud and excited to showcase is our eUICC RSP solution. We shared the successful use cases implemented in different regions. It inspires and gives more clearer pictures to our clients for their pilot projects on both eUICC consumer and M2M segments.


The biometric range of products was also launched during MWC 2019 where XH demonstrated the use of finger print as a verification method. We demonstrated both the ‘match-on-card’ use case using our sensor-on-card solution and ‘match-on-server’ use case where we show case XH SmartPOS with fingerprint sensor solution


The future is upon us.  Technologies that we never dreamt possible are now a reality.  The team at XH Smart is here to lead you into the future and walk hand in hand with you through the technological revolution.  Together we can achieve great success!



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