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XH Smart partners with IDEX Biometrics in developing biometrics smart card

Release time:2018-11-14 21:17:42

XH Smart Tech (China) Co., Ltd the leading provider of solutions on IoT and block chain technologies which are both data user and data centric is pleased to announce that it has partnered with IDEX Biometrics (IDEX ASA), the leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions.The objective is to deploy biometric cards and XH Smart is going to offer IDEX its products.

IDEX Biometrics, also known as IDEX ASA (OSE: IDEX), is the leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure and personal authentication for all. It helps people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, unlock devices or gain admittance to buildings with the touch of a finger.

Leo He, Chairman of XH Smart Tech comments, “The value proposition for fingerprints in a smart card is easy to understand, and we are confident there will be significant pull from issuers for this innovative solution. IDEX Biometrics’ solution is very compelling and we look forward to working closely with the company to develop biometric smart cards.”

The responsible of IDEX Biometrics comments, “The market of biometric cards is picking up speed. Chinese vendors are very keen to implement innovative technology, and we are proud to partner with a fast-growing company such as XH Smart to drive commercialization of biometric cards.”

As the market leading smart card technology and solutions provider, XH Smart will continue to provide quality products and service to our customers in the world.