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XH Smart convened the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting

Release time:2018-8-6 22:34:39

Zhuhai, 6 August, 2018 - XH Smart Tech (China) Co. Ltd (XH Smart) has recently held the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting at Zhuhai headquarter at the presence of broad members, shareholder representatives, main directors as well as leaders from subsidiaries and employees.

Representatives of each sales team made the sales and performance report in the first half of 2018 also raised the main difficulties of cooperating between departments and teamwork during the period. Meanwhile, the other relevant functional departments responsible for assisting and supporting the sales team put forward the practical proposals and advices on the management support. The meeting participants made detailed discussions on different topics about sales target and working plans in the second-half 2018, shared ideas on achieving targets and improving internal management.   

As the part of support for sales meetings, the product training of telecommunication and banking projects brought a deeper understanding of the product development and its update trend to the sales team, making them grasp better the market dynamic and opportunities.

By reviewing the past work in the first half year of 2018, the partners have clearly defined their work tasks and objectives for the second half of the year, committed to be more efficient, well-communicated and innovative.

During the period of Mid-Year Conference, Mr. Liu Xiaoyu, the vice president of Bank of China Guangdong Branch visited the production workshop and office area of Zhuhai headquarter accompanied by Mr. Leo He, the Chairman of XH Smart Group. Mr. Liu Xiaoyu spoke highly of the practice that XH Smart took to develop the substantial economy under the “One Belt, one Road” framework by visiting. He emphasized that, Bank of China will continue to step up efforts to support the excellent enterprises such as XH Smart while promoting financial innovation and strengthening bank-enterprise cooperation.

On the shareholder meeting and the board meeting, Mr. Leo He, the Chairman of XH Smart group delivered a discussion with board members and representatives, recalling in detail the company management status and achievement including sales profit and expenses, financial standing in the first-half year and specified the plan and target for the second half. Focusing on competitions and opportunities of the recent market, Mr. Leo He emphasized that only reinforce the internal management and improve working efficiency can a company realize its further development, which require all the employees to be strict with their work. Mr. Leo He declared that, in the second half of the year, the company should continue to promote its international operation, innovation and transformation by strengthening ideological guidance, enhancing teamwork effectiveness, improving personnel management and appraisal mechanism, enhancing cost control and risk management, etc.

After the meetings and trainings, the partners devoted themselves to various collective activities forget working pressure. The basketball match between Chinese and foreign partners aroused the passion and deep friendship, the outward-bound brought sense of competition and teamwork to participants, and the makeup training encouraged ladies to show their self-confidence… All the activities played an important role in building a great team and improving the bonding of team members.

XH Smart 2018 Mid-Year Conference was a great chance to review the work achievements, to summarize and solve the past problems and to enhance the group’s confidence. XH Smart group will keep working hard to create a better life with its products, service and smart technology.