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Zhuhai XH Smart Card Co Ltd signed partnership agreement with Payment Express Ltd

Release time:2017-10-25 23:54:18

Mauritius (October 17, 2017) - Zhuhai XH Smart Card Co Ltd (XH Smart) today announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Payment Express Ltd (PEX) to promote payment products and related services in African territory.


XH Smart is known in the payment industry for manufacturing schemed payment cards and providing end-to-end payment solutions. “We are very excited to work with PEX,” said Mr. Leo He, Chairman of Zhuhai XH Smart Card Co Ltd. “We are confident that the combination of China's advanced payment products and back-end system of PEX will provide one stop shop services for financial and non-financial institutions in African territory so as to achieve win-win outcomes.”

“XH Smart is a great partner and China's innovation in the field of payment is globally unmatched. We strongly believe that this partnership will create a significant improvement in the African payment industry”, said Mr. Sailesh Sewpaul, Chief  Executive of Payment Express Ltd.


About Payment Express Ltd

Founded in 2008, PEX is one of the most innovative and visionary companies in the electronic payments industry, managed by leading experts in the field. Located in Mauritius and Kenya, PEX provides services and consultancy to a broad range of financial institutions, at both local and international levels. The vision of PEX is to be recognized as the key universal payment service provider in the region and beyond by providing tailor-made solutions to its customers.

PEX, as Third Party Processor, has the capability of providing banks, the retail industry and financial institutions with complete EMV certified solutions as well as implementing an array of other related products on their behalf.