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New technology " Going Out" ZHUHAI XH SMARTCARD CO.,LTD successfully held Indonesian telecommunications industry products conference

Release time:2016-9-15 2:53:21

Recently, Zhuhai XH SmartCard Co.,Ltd successfully held the telecommunications industry products conference with " Internet Banking " as the theme in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. One of the four most important Indonesian telecommunication major companies attended the conference. XH SmartCard exchanged ideas and opinions with the telecommunications company on the future development of the telecommunications industry in Indonesia, and the Indonesian company positively acknowledged various telecom products and solutions from XH SmartCard.



On the day of the meeting, the delegation of more than 20 guests from telecom operations unit, mobile payment unit, process specification team, IT team, M2M team, ETC team managers, supervisors and staff from the Indonesian company attended the conference. XH SmartCard shared its in-detailed insights on development and actual need of telecommunication smart cards, combined with current situation of Indonesian telecommunication domestic development.
At the same time, XH SmartCard also explained its new ideas, new perspectives and new directions of its telecom products. In addition, XH SmartCard conducted training about basic knowledge of telecommunication products with the audience. It also highlighted the e-UICC (i.e. instant issuance card), big data and other products and solutions.
The conference received compliments from all guests attended. The guests expressed that the conference provided a platform for suppliers and users to communicate and collaborate. It also helped them understand the new direction, new technology, new operation models and more telecom business opportunities in global telecommunication market. The conference enlightened them with new direction in rethinking their position in the market.


The conference successfully concluded after XH SmartCard staff and professionals met and discussed with guests from the Indonesian company. The spokeman of XH SmartCard commented that XH SmartCard has always been supportive for China's “One Belt, One Road” deployment. As the representative company of Guangdong Province's “Going Out” development, XH SmartCard will continue its overseas business operations based on client's need and development's need and maintain the brand image of “Made in China” and “Made in XH”. The conference was a great opportunity to address on XH's development strategy, to build up effective communication channels between XH and clients and to be the role model in Indonesian and Southeast Asian market.