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The XH SmartCard Way

Release time:2016-12-19 2:55:45

Recently, XH SmartCard successfully won the bid of China Unicom 2016 second annual purchase for Smart SIM card (128K 3-in-1). After the detailed review of all bidders by China Unicom project committee, XH SmartCard wasselected as the first bidder and awarded 60% of the total purchase volume(53.16 million cards). This was a result of XH SmartCard’s excellent technical capabilities and service levels. Among all bidders for the project, XHSmartCard is the youngest company with only five years since its incorporation.However, being young does not mean immaturity. On the contrary, being young empowers its employees with open-mindedness and enthusiasm, which has led toits sustainable growth. Five years of rapid development is not a result of any short cut taken for granted, but a result of down-to-earth work attitude and forward-looking strategic vision. This is the XH SmartCard way.

China Unicom is the only one of the three domestic telecommunication operators requiring its card vendors to be GSMA SAS-certified. The GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) is one of the most stringent telecommunicationcard security certifications in the globe. From the beginning of itsincorporation, XH SmartCard has been using SAS as a benchmark and therefore implementing standards in accordance to SAS in various areas including safety control,production process and corporate system. At the beginning of 2016, XH SmartCard gained accreditation under the scheme through all its audit process with firstattempt. It is not only reflection of the recognition on company development,but also a most trustworthy promise the company can offer to its clients. Besides,XH SmartCard’s global image is another major factor in levering its competitiveness.

Since the incorporation, XH SmartCard has set its footprint toventure into global market. The company spares no expense on building up itsglobal image and brand awareness. Its Smart Card products are exported to over50 countries. The company has developed firm relationship with over 60telecommunication operators and banks in the world. Facing the increasing standard in product quality of its international clients, XH SmartCard’s employees discovered its own way of development on the Maritime Silk Route. Beyond this,XH SmartCard is striving to be the leader in national brands. Within fiveyears, XH SmartCard established 29 regional service networks over the country. Itsgood reputation is well recognized by the industry and clients.

The winning of China Unicom 2016 second annual purchase bid forSmart SIM card (128K 3-in-1) is a major breakthrough of XH SmartCard’s domestic market expansion. It is a great encourage of teamwork morale, a valid proof of comprehensive development strategy and a strong affirmation for the company toproceed with its unique way. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a singlestep. Moving on, XH SmartCard will continue developing its technicalcapabilities, client services and global market. We believe in the future ofnational brand, the future of world connected by smart solutions and the futureof the XH SmartCard Way.