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XH smartcard and partners Join Forces to Form New Alliance

Release time:2016-9-30 2:30:05

26 September 2016 – XH Smartcard and three major smartcardcompanies in Southeast Asia have come together to form the “InternationalBusiness Alliance of Card Manufacturers” (IBACM). IBACM consists of Zhuhai XHSmartcard Co., Ltd. (China), PT Jaya Smart Technology (Indonesia), Chan WanichSecurity Printing Co., Ltd. (Thailand), Infortified Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) andAllCard Plastics Philippines Inc. (Philippines). This alliance has been createdto address the increasing needs of card manufacturers to provide an end-to-end,comprehensive and cost effective solution for the digital security industry.

(From left to right:  Mr. Ee Hou Lim (Director,Infortified), Mr. Leo He (Chairman, Zhuhai XH Smartcard), Mdm. Irma Halim(President Director, Jaya Smart Technology), Mdm. Allieta Cue (Chairman &CEO, AllCard Plastics), Mr. Ronnachai Kongboonma (Managing Director, ChanWanich Security Printing)

Mr Leo He, Chairman of Zhuhai XH Smartcard andrepresentatives from the three smartcard companies attended the signingceremony. “Having IBACM will enhance communication and collaboration, whichpromote play of each its member’s advantage to break through the traditionalbusiness model and open up new market,” commented Mr He, “It also forms asolution mechanism with risk resilience and regional industry development keycharacteristics that has positive implications for its members and thedevelopment of smartcard manufacturers in the region.”

(XH chairman at the signing ceremony)

“We believe it is time to join together to work towardsa common goal, not just in establishing economies of scale, but to help eachother grow as well,” commented Allieta Cue, Chairman and CEO of AllCard and thefirst Chairman of IBACM’s Advisory Board.

(IBACM Signing Ceremony)


“The industry is facing great price pressure whilecontinuing to improve and enhance product quality,” said Mr. Ee Hou Lim,Director of Infortified and Director of IBACM Working Committee. “Companieshave been pressured by price erosion, and in some projects, selling below cost.Having this alliance will not only help to reduce the production cost by meansof economies of scale, but also promote collaboration between members andcreate the largest smart card production and service network.”

It is reported that among the short term objectivesof IBACM are reducing costs and minimizing supply chain issues, consolidatingraw materials, and providing adequate training to employees. The IBACM WorkingCommittee will start work immediately under the guidance of the IBACM AdvisoryBoard to roll out these programs to all members.

●IBACM is a non-profit organisation in the digitalsecurity industry founded in 2016 with card manufacturers from differentregions to promote close business collaboration among members.