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  • POSP payment platform


    星汉POSP支付平台按J2EE标准来组织现有技术,并且融入Java开源领域的经过考验的主流技术,支持负载共享模式,具有高可用性和灾难恢复机制。系统高度灵活,基于SOA体系,可以运行在IBM   AIX/HP  UNIX/SUN Solaris服务器以及其它LINUX平台上,可以灵活的应用于大型企业或中小型收单企业。

  • Industrial XH cloud POS In the original hand-held version of the upgrade based on the protection of industrial-grade, IP67 high-level waterproof security dust-proof, 1.5 meters drop-resistant.
  • POSP payment platform XH POSP by J2EE standard payment platform to organize existing technology, and integrated into the Java open source through the test of the mainstream in the field of technology, support load sharing mode, high availability and disaster recovery...
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