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City Smart Card

Release Time:2015-9-17 16:09:24

Product overview
City smart card is mainly will be paid in the city life consumption and identity authentication, realize the city public utilities charges, bus rides, such as the commercial retail industry's rapid settlement and payment, industry to the IC card application in unified standard, unified management, unified hairpin, one card is multi-purpose and information sharing. It can avoid repeated investment and greatly facilitate the life of the public.

Application field
Public transport: buses, subways, light rail, ferry, taxi, long-distance passenger transport, road bridge charges, etc
Utilities: water, electricity, gas, communications, cable TV, etc
Small payments: shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, tourist attractions, public telephone charges, etc
Social security application: medicare payment, etc
Financial application: ring, circle, consumption, cash withdrawal, transfer, etc.