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XH Payment COS

Release Time:2015-9-16 18:38:29

System Overview

The XH PBOC 3.0 COS system is a high-security, high-performance, low-power financial smart card operating system developed on the basis of proven technology standards and complying with CUP standards and incorporating multiple security algorithms. Can be flexibly configured to meet the standards of financial cards and other products, rapid response to order needs, to meet the various needs of financial institutions of all types. Product quality is proved through a variety of rigorous internal testing, testing agencies certification.

System functions
● Control the smart card exchange with the outside world
● Manage the memory in the smart card and process various commands inside the card

System Features

● COS is a dedicated system rather than a common system

Namely: XH PBOC 3.0 COS COS system is only applied to the smart card in the financial sector, and other COS is not the same.
● Due to the proprietary nature of COS, it leads to its high level of security