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POSP payment platform

Release Time:2015-9-16 18:38:29

POSP paymentplatform


XH POSP by J2EE standardpayment platform to organizeexistingtechnology, and integrated into the Javaopen source through the testof themainstream in the field of technology,support load sharing mode,highavailability and disaster recovery mechanism. Thesystem is highly flexibleandis based on an SOA system that can be run on IBMAIX/HP UNIX/SUNSolarisservers and other LINUX platforms, which can be flexiblyapplied to largeorsmall - and medium-sized businesses.


Highly flexible
Meet all kinds of demand


·       Multiple agencies: thesystem canmanage multiple receivingorganizations at the same time, each ofwhich can setparameters independentlyand manage its own businesses.

·       There are many types ofCARDS,including magnetic stripe CARDS,chipsets and IC CARDS for various typesofCARDS.

·       Multi-channel: supportsvariouspayment methods and types oftransactions, such as Internet, ePOS,POS,multimedia terminal and mobile phoneAPP, telephone, etc.

·       Multi-terminal certification:supportISO8583 standard, VISAstandard POS interface, support VeriFone, 100rich, solid,new world, Chinesebanknotes and other manufacturers of POS.Mature and verifiedlarge foreign cardorganization interface and domesticunionpay interface

·       The third-partypaymentauthentication standard room configuration.

·       Storage of SAN SANstorage,tongcheng disaster preparedness.

·       Operator communicationredundancy.

·       The financialencryption machine.


1, support a variety of means ofpayment: bank CARDS,membershipCARDS and other card, all kinds ofelectric credentials.
Broaden the trading channels to let other channel members convert intotheirownmembers.
2. Support various access: websites, POS, APP and other meansofaccess,combining online, offline and mobile applications, and speedupthedissemination of information and integration of customer resources.
3. Support external system access: other e-commerce sites, other mobileapps,ERPsystems of other enterprises can be introduced throughinterface.