Instant Card Issuance Equipment

Release Time:2019-9-4 11:40:17

As a bank branch manager, what concerns you  most for new card issuance?

Slow & Costly

It take daysfor delivery, a lot of effort for new card mailing, which increasecustomer service cost;

Bad Customer Experience

There'repossibility of card lost or stolen during delivery, which lead to badcustomer experience;

Low Efficient 

The period forcustomer to get and activate new card is too long, which slow down customeracquisition process.

The XH Instant Issuance System(IIS) allows your branch to instantly personalize andissue payment cards in real time with following benefit:

Less Cost

Logistics,stationery and customer service costs are significantly reduced.

Better Experience

By simplifyingthe card issuance and activation process, the IIS improves the customersoverall experience.

More Revenue

Fastercustomer onboarding leads to faster revenue generation for banks.

XH Instant Issuance System has following card issuance equipment XH60 and Xmart-S22